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Keeping your Arlington, FL, home comfortable throughout the year can be quite the challenge, but Howard Services can provide you with the professional technicians, AC service, AC repair solutions, and even AC replacement options you need.

We’ve served the Arlington area for years, and we’re proud of the reputation for excellence that we’ve built with customers just like you. Our residential AC service options, air conditioner replacement choices, and professional AC repair services ensure that you’re able to keep your home cool and comfortable no matter how high the temperatures might climb outdoors.

We help you beat the heat – contact Howard Services today for a free consultation and estimate.

Air Conditioning Installation

While we’re proud to offer AC repair and AC maintenance, as well as other AC service options, sometimes replacement and new air conditioning installation is the best option for our customers in Arlington, FL. If your air conditioner is aging and has lost efficiency, replacement might be the wisest course of action. Our experts can recommend the ideal replacement option to keep you cool, and even reduce your cooling-related energy bills.

AC Repair to Keep You Going Strong

To operate throughout the year, and in the often high temperatures that Arlington, FL, sees throughout much of the year, your air conditioner must be in top condition. A single failing part could compromise the performance of your entire system.

Whether your air conditioner is low on refrigerant, is struggling to push air through the ducts in your home, or does not turn on at all, our AC repair services can help. We’ll inspect your system, accurately diagnose the problem, and then provide you with an effective, professional repair.

Spring Means AC Maintenance

Spring has sprung, and that means warmer weather is on its way for Arlington, FL, residents. We invite you to take advantage of our AC services and air conditioner installation options to ensure that your

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Our Quarterly Maintenance for the Administration Building was completed today by Kevin.  Kevin was very professional, quick and efficient with our service.

Kevin has visited us in the past and maintained the same professionalism on each visit.

Thanks for all you do!

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