Infrared Thermal Imaging

Residential Infrared Thermal Imaging Jacksonville

In today’s highly competitive business environment, it’s not always enough to be able to diagnose problems – we need to be able to predict future issues that could affect the bottom line. That’s why Howard Services staff includes experienced thermographers who use the latest in infrared thermal imaging to capture and report on temperature variations and hot spots across the radiated heat spectrum in your commercial HVAC system.

After the images are downloaded, any heat losses or gains are analyzed by a sophisticated, proprietary software program – the process can also reveal poor connections or contactor points. With the imaging analyses, we are able to offer expert advice on how to solve any existing or future issues you may have with your system.

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Our Quarterly Maintenance for the Administration Building was completed today by Kevin.  Kevin was very professional, quick and efficient with our service.

Kevin has visited us in the past and maintained the same professionalism on each visit.

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